Express Impress is an arts collective born out of the idea that people perceive art not just as an aesthetically pleasing element to look at but rather they are deeply influenced by it.


We aim to create a more socially and politically active society through showcasing culturally powerful art to our audience, especially to our young fellows.

We believe in our generation and we think that in the current world it is not only a right but also a duty to be aware of what is going on and contribute to our society's well-being.

We trust that art is one of the most effective means to transmit a message, while also having an enjoyable experience. 

This is Express Impress. This is us.



In 2018 three girls, originally from Italy, met in an Arts Management degree lecture in a London university and became friends. Thanks to their shared passion for the arts and their common belief that there is so much good art out there that needs to be exhibited, but not enough available platforms, they decided to create one themselves. After a few years (and many meetings), Express Impress was born. And it is now live and alive!

Anna, Andrea and Domitilla are the names (and the minds) behind this arts collective.